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the leader in woodyard operations SINCE 1965

Over the last 50 years we have grown from a single site to 43 locations processing 30 million tons of wood a year. We continue to grow and reinvest with larger, more robust, and more automated sites. With our successful merger with Fulghum Fibres we combined the two largest providers of woodyard operations into a more knowledgeable, versatile, and capable company.

Mass data to
feed the masses

We believe that better utilization of natural capital will come precision agriculture. To meet the growing global food demand will require higher yields with lower resource use. Having the right equipment to gather and process the data is key.

Sustainability means utilization as much as it means protection

Today, U.S. forests remain the same size as when Theodore Roosevelt was in office, and yet the population has tripled in that time. We are always looking for better ways to utilize our land, not only for production of crops and timber, but for water utilization and density and diversity of wildlife.

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Wisdom is saving water when you don’t have to

Most areas we work are not under water limiting legislation or physical limitations like in other states and countries, but we have been pushing for wise use of water just the same. Our customers save well over 10 billion gallons of water each and every year and our goal is to be over 30 billion by 2030.

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